Time and Attendance

  • Collection of Time and Attendance transits and in a structure that is flexible to interface with any 3rd party solution
  • Employee messaging functionality improves productivity of staff
  • System-wide interrogation allows employees to ‘self manage’

SAP Certified Solution

SAP R/3 is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that integrates departments and functions across a company onto a single system and database.

EBI-Temaline is SAP R/3 certified in receiving personnel data and in sending related transactions. All data is continuously synchronised and controlled in order not to lose any important information

How Does It Work?
Temaline exchanges info with SAP R/3 via the HR-PDC interface that is part of SAP HR module.

The HR-PDC interface is a bi-directional interface that can be used for both Time and Attendance and Access Control solutions.

This common database with automatic updates allows EBI-Temaline to be better protected against personnel data mistakes and in addition, HR departments save time not having to configure two separate systems.

Access Control and Intrusion Management

  • Access control and identity solutions are natively integrated, resulting in enhanced modularity, scalability and flexibility.
  • Integrated intrusion detection enables an advanced and holistic solution.


  • Manages a muster point in the event of an emergency evacuation
  • Displays in real time the occupancy of a building with their location zone
  • Presenting cards to the muster station automatically removes the cardholders from the list and allocates them to the ‘safe area’
  • Applicable to all cardholders: employees, contractors and visitors.

Lift Management

  • Users are enabled at specific floors and at specific time-zones, without human presence
  • Floor access and time access can be tailored to each user or group of users.