The TS2 is a fully autonomous controller providing a high level security solution.

Thanks to peer-to-peer communication the TS2 offers the full availability of peripheral devices even in case of disconnection from the supervisory centre. The unique shared-load capability ensures 100% availability of your field devices in the case of failure of a controller.

Optimum Performance

  • The TS2 memory allows you to manage up to 250k cards. The factory default setting is to manage 100k cards complete with personnel names, 100k transaction buffer and 10k event buffer.
  • Fully configurable memory enabling it to be used in a way that best meets the project needs: eg in a large facility it will be configured to accept the maximum number of cardholders
  • TS2 supports up to 16 doors with a reader on each side of the door
  • With on-board 100MB Ethernet connection the new TS2 is able to maximise the usage of the network capacity, making the firmware and data download faster
  • All Temaline ‘TemaKey’ devices are supported by TS2


Communication with the supervisory level can be set as IPSEC (Internet Protocol Security). This ensures the origin of data authentication, data integrity, data confidentiality (encryption) and replay protection – ensuring total security of the communications.

The communication with field devices includes command authentication to ensure that commands sent to outputs are coming from the right and certified source. It also encrypts the card numbers to avoid any ‘capturing’ from sniffer devices – making security system breaches from external devices virtually impossible.

With the possibility to be configured in a redundant architecture, the TS2 can guarantee full availability of your security system 24/7.


TS2 supports Access Control, T&A and Lift Management in one application allowing you to optimise the use and the distribution of your devices.

Easy to Use

An intuitive web interface makes the TS2 available via any Web browser. This makes it easy to configure, download the latest firmware or carry out any maintenance activity. Different operator profiles enable the correct operability for the operator and a ‘user wizard’ makes field device commissioning very easy and minimises errors.

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  • Management of up to 16 doors
  • Up to 250,000 cards memory
  • 10/100MB direct LAN/WAN connection
  • Based on Linux Operating System
  • Built-in Barracuda web server
  • WEB pages
  • IPSEC with 3DES encryption on LAN communication
  • Command authentication on LON devices
  • Card number encryption
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TS2 Temaline Autonomous Controller