10 Reasons to Specify Temaline

System Availability
Standalone capabilities of the controllers ensure complete autonomy of the access control system.

A product from a world leader in Advanced Access Control Solutions with a proven performance on thousands of projects.

Based on native TCP/IP Ethernet communications ensures that the system is able to expand as requirements expand.

Multi-Site Management
Temaline allows management of a single building, to a multi-building campus or a global solution covering any number of facilities with single or multiple operator stations.

Powerful Integration Capability
As a key solution from the award winning Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator™ (EBI) facility management system, Temaline is able to integrate with CCTV, Fire, HVAC, Asset Management and many other building automation technologies.

Integration of 3rd Party Technologies
Temaline can integrate with existing card readers via industry standard Wiegand interface. Multiple reader technologies on a single door can also be managed.

Durable System Life
With a proven record of very low ‘Mean Time Between Failure’ (MTBF) rates as well as flash upgradeable operating firmware, Temaline provides a lifetime of functionality and reliability.

Multi Functional System
Temaline has been designed not only to support advanced access control applications, but also advanced Time and Attendance applications (including HR and Payroll integration), Electronic Visitor Management and many more advanced applications.

Multi Application Devices
Temaline’s unique range of multi function card readers and HMIs allows not only advance access control application but also Time and Attendance, Intruder Detection, Bulletin Board Service, Muster Station functionality and much more.

IT Infrastructure Compatibility
Native Ethernet, Microsoft Windows and SQL and other features ensures that Temaline is able to operate with existing IT services.